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Electricity in New Caledonia in 2022

Global Ranking: #113
16.8% #136 Low-carbon electricity
1086.78 watts #22 Generation / person
618.81 gCO2eq/kWh #182 Carbon Intensity

In 2022, New Caledonia's electricity consumption was heavily reliant on fossil energy, with over 83% of its electricity coming from fossil fuels, and coal alone accounting for around 42%. On the other hand, low-carbon or clean energy sources made up roughly 17% of the electricity mix. Among these low-carbon sources, hydropower contributed about 8%, solar energy supplied almost 7%, and wind energy generated a bit more than 2%. This stark contrast highlights an urgent need for diversification towards more sustainable electricity generation methods to combat climate change and reduce air pollution.


To increase low-carbon electricity generation, New Caledonia should consider expanding its solar and wind capacities and potentially investing in nuclear power. Countries such as Denmark and Uruguay, which generate more than half and over a third of their electricity from wind power, respectively, demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of wind energy. Additionally, nuclear power, which provides a significant portion of the electricity in France (65%) and Slovakia (62%), can offer a reliable and stable electricity supply. By learning from these global examples and capitalizing on New Caledonia’s natural solar and wind potential, the country could significantly reduce its dependence on fossil fuels.


Looking at the history of low-carbon electricity in New Caledonia, solar and hydropower have shown varying trends over the past decades. In the early 2000s, hydropower experienced some fluctuations with minor declines and growths, such as a drop of 0.1 TWh in 2001, a similar decrease in 2006, and incremental gains in subsequent years. Solar energy entered the scene more recently in 2019 with a modest increase of 0.1 TWh, though it showed no additional gains in 2020 and 2021. This pattern suggests that while progress in low-carbon energy has been made, there is substantial room for robust and consistent growth. By learning from successful countries and implementing strategic investments, New Caledonia can enhance its journey towards a sustainable electricity future.

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