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What can we learn about decarbonization from past experiences?

May 10, 2021
I have been developing this website for almost two years. It started out with my own curiosity of the state of decarbonization around the world. I wanted to know how much of our electricity comes from low-carbon sources, what it looks like in different countries and how it has and continues to develop over time. Apart from satisfying my own curiosity, this website aims to make decarbonization and electricity data more accessible to a broad public. I hope that this can contribute to a more rational and humble discussion of future energy policy. Read more.

Why are we not talking about hydropower?

Jan 21, 2021
One of the major rifts in the environmental movement concerns what technology we should prioritize to speed up decarbonization efforts. One side advocates renewables - usually exemplified by solar and wind power. The other side believes the solution is nuclear energy. The pro-renewables camp often points to the strong growth of solar and wind in recent years, accompanied by decreasing cost. They also emphasize the perceived risks of nuclear power. The pro-nuclear people point out that solar and wind power is intermittent, forcing continued reliance on fossil fuels - coal or gas - when the sun doesn't shine, while nuclear power delivers base load power all the time. As to the risks of nuclear, they argue that these have been exaggerated in popular perceptions while data shows nuclear to be one of the safest sources of electricity. Read more.