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Electricity in Nauru in 2021

Global Ranking: #135
0.0% #204 Low-carbon electricity
364.33 watts #99 Generation / person
655.00 gCO2eq/kWh #202 Carbon Intensity
None Electricity imports

As of 2021, the total electricity consumption in Nauru stands at approximately 364 watts per person. This is somewhat below the global average of 412 watts per person. Without any low-carbon energy sources to counteract this, the entirety of this power is derived from fossil fuels. This reliance on high-pollution energy could have longer term impacts including environmental damage and contribution to climate change. Notably, Nauru neither imports nor exports electricity from or to any other country or region, making it wholly reliant on its domestic energy production.


When looking for ways to increase low-carbon energy production, Nauru could seek inspiration from other nations. For instance, there are smaller countries like Denmark or Uruguay, generating 369 and 160 watts per person from wind energy respectively. They might provide feasible models for a wind-driven low-carbon energy plan. Amongst the larger nations, United States obtains 261 watts per person from nuclear and and an additional 147 watts from wind energy. Prominent too is France, generating a substantial 526 watts per person from nuclear energy. These examples could serve as a roadmap for Nauru, indicating the potential benefits of diversifying into both nuclear and wind energy.


Due to the lack of data provided, it is not possible to give a detailed history of low-carbon electricity in Nauru. If such information was provided, it would involve synthesizing previous trends, critically analyzing any significant declines and examining pivotal events that either harnessed or overlooked opportunities in low-carbon energy, such as nuclear, wind, or solar. This comprehensive understanding of past strategies would then serve as an invaluable guide to future policy-making and strategic improvements in the sustainable energy sector.

Data Sources

The data source is Ember.