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Electricity in Nauru in 2021

Global Ranking: #196
0.0% #196 Low-carbon electricity
364.33 watts #97 Generation / person
655.00 gCO2eq/kWh #202 Carbon Intensity

Given the lack of data provided, it currently isn't possible to provide an analysis of the state of electricity consumption in Nauru for the year 2021. Similarly, without any data, the possibility of comparing electricity consumption in Nauru to the global average of 410 watts per person, and the potential effects low levels of electricity generation might have, cannot be appropriately discussed. It would be beneficial and necessary to obtain accurate, up-to-date information to carry out a meaningful analysis.


In order to increase low-carbon electricity generation, Nauru can take lesson from some similar-sized countries. Although Nauru's geographical and economical situation is unique, they could potentially make use of wind and solar energy, as these forms of clean energy are the most scalable and feasible for a small island nation. For instance, countries like the Netherlands and Belgium have been successful in harnessing wind energy, generating 29 TWh and 14 TWh respectively, and this could be a strategy Nauru could adopt. Solar energy might also be feasible for Nauru to consider, considering the success seen by countries such as Italy and Spain which produced 24 TWh and 40 TWh respectively.


Without accompanying data, it is not viable to describe the history of low-carbon electricity in Nauru. Grouping similar events together or acknowledging significant declines in nuclear electricity generation can only be done with access to the essential information pertaining to changes in electricity generation over time in Nauru. The absence of data makes it impossible to provide an informed and reliable analysis. The provision of undeviating and factual data is integral to carrying out an informed and accurate study.

Electricity Imports and Exports

Balance of Trade

Data Sources

The the data source is Ember.
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