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Electricity in Tonga in 2022

Global Ranking: #163
12.5% #150 Low-carbon electricity
27.60 % #104 Electrification
86.13 watts #158 Generation / person
578.75 gCO2eq/kWh #169 Carbon Intensity

As of 2022, the state of electricity consumption in Tonga shows significant reliance on fossil fuels, with only a small fraction coming from low-carbon or clean sources. Electricity generation in Tonga is predominantly fossil-based, accounting for almost all of the total generation. Low-carbon energy sources like solar represent close to none of Tonga’s electricity generation. The overall per capita electricity generation is significantly lower than the global average of 432 watts per person, which implies that Tonga’s electricity generation technology lags behind both in capacity and sustainability. This low level of electricity generation can result in limitations for economic development, limited access to modern amenities, and greater vulnerability to frequent power outages and supply disruptions.


To boost low-carbon electricity generation, Tonga can significantly expand its existing solar infrastructure, which has proven effective in other countries. A key lesson from successful countries could be learned from India, which generates more than 80 TWh of electricity from wind and another 113 TWh from solar power. By capitalizing on its sunny tropical climate, Tonga can follow the approach of India's robust investments in solar energy. Moreover, integrating lessons from Australia, which generates 45 TWh of electricity from solar, Tonga can increase its solar capacity and thus reduce its reliance on fossil fuels, contributing to sustainable development and enhanced energy security.


Historically, Tonga's development in low-carbon electricity has been virtually stagnant. From 2017 to 2022, there has been no recorded increase in solar electricity generation, showing a missed opportunity for tapping into potential clean energy sources. This stagnation over the years contrasts starkly with the progress seen in other countries, highlighting the urgent need for Tonga to prioritize investment and development in low-carbon energy sources like solar. By aiming to harness and expand its solar capacity, Tonga can make strides toward a more sustainable and reliable energy future.

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