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Electricity in Timor-Leste in 2021

Global Ranking: #214
0.0% #214 Low-carbon electricity
45.80 watts #175 Generation / person
655.00 gCO2eq/kWh #195 Carbon Intensity

Due to the lack of data provided in the prompt, I'm unable to provide the accurate depiction of the current state of electricity consumption in Timor-Leste or sketch out the history of low-carbon electricity in the region. However, I'm happy to suggest ways in which Timor-Leste could increase their low-carbon electricity production.


Looking at similar countries that have had success in producing low-carbon electricity such as wind and solar, Timor-Leste has options to improve its electricity generation. One case study is Brazil, which generates substantial electricity from both solar (49 TWh) and wind (94 TWh). Brazil's diversification into both these energy types could be a feasible model for Timor-Leste. Another country to consider is India, which has also demonstrated the successful implementation of both solar and wind energy with generation of 120 TWh and 93 TWh respectively. Given the geographical characteristics of Timor-Leste, wind and solar could potentially be attractive options for low-carbon energy production due to the tropical climate and its island geography.


The historical evolution of low-carbon energy in Timor-Leste is currently beyond analysis due to the absence of any historical data in the prompt. We need a record that outlines the previous years' data, detailing the energy type and the change in electricity generation as compared to the previous year, to provide a nuanced understanding of the development and shifts in Timor-Leste's energy policies. However, the advocacy for low-carbon, sustainable sources such as nuclear, wind, and solar remains firm, in order to resist reliance on fossil fuels, and to mitigate the effects of climate change and air pollution.

Electricity Imports and Exports

Balance of Trade

Data Sources

The the data source is Ember.
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