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Electricity in Martinique in 2011

Global Ranking: #133
0.0% #207 Low-carbon electricity
427.76 watts #91 Generation / person
655.00 gCO2eq/kWh #200 Carbon Intensity
None Electricity imports

In 2011, Martinique's energy scene was completely dominated by fossil fuels, accounting for the whole, 100% of the electricity generated there. There was no trace of low-carbon energy sources being used, such as nuclear power, wind, or solar energy. Complementing this, Martinique did not engage in importation or exportation of electricity from or to any other region or country. The territory was entirely reliant on fossil energy, posing potential problems for the environment and air quality.


To facilitate a move towards clean, low-carbon energy generation, Martinique can take inspiration from the practices employed by other countries. Examples would be France, Ukraine and Slovakia, where nuclear power pans out a considerable percentage, around 60%, of their total electricity generation. Implementing nuclear power plants can constitute a significant step towards reducing carbon emissions. Analyzing the progress of countries like Denmark and Ireland would also be advantageous, where wind energy contributes to more than a third of their overall electricity production. Additionally, countries like Yemen, Jordan, and Chile are deriving substantial percentages of their electricity through solar power, a strategy Martinique can also consider. Drawing from these countries’ experiences can provide Martinique with a diverse array of clean energy options to consider.


The available data does not provide any historical information regarding the use of low-carbon electricity sources in Martinique. As such, the mentioned territory has been solely dependent on fossil fuels for electricity generation up to 2011. There is a critical need for a shift towards low-carbon energy sources to reduce the potential harmful impacts of carbon emissions on the environment. The implementation and increase of clean energy infrastructure, such as nuclear, wind, and solar, could pave the way for sustainable development in Martinique.

Data Sources

The data source is Ember.