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Electricity in Martinique in 2011

Global Ranking: #211
0.0% #211 Low-carbon electricity
427.76 watts #88 Generation / person
655.00 gCO2eq/kWh #200 Carbon Intensity

As of 2011, electricity consumption in Martinique derived exclusively from fossil fuel sources—the region stands at 100% dependency on fossil energy. Despite the increasing global shift towards sustainable and green energy solutions, Martinique's situation presents a stark contrast with no adoption of low-carbon energy sources such as nuclear, wind or solar power. The island's reliance on fossil fuels not only drives its carbon emissions higher but also leaves it vulnerable to fluctuating oil prices and the environmental issues associated with these energy types.


To transform its energy profile, Martinique can learn from countries like France and Denmark, who have successfully integrated low-carbon energy sources into their electricity generation. France, where nuclear power accounts for 66% of the electricity generation, demonstrates how nuclear energy can serve as a stable and clean power alternative. Alternatively, Denmark, powered by wind energy for 59% of its electricity needs, proves how harnessing natural resources can reduce dependency on fossil fuels. Applied to Martinique, the island's favorable climate conditions could potentially facilitate the implementation of solar and wind energy infrastructures—similar to Denmark—while its limited geographical space might be overcome by the compact nature of nuclear power plants—akin to France.


However, the data does not provide historical information regarding low-carbon electricity generation in Martinique. Given that the island fully relied on fossil fuels for its electricity in 2011, we can cautiously infer that the adoption of low-carbon energy sources in Martinique has either been negligible or non-existent. Future endeavors for Martinique to shift its electricity consumption towards low-carbon energy sources would, therefore, signify the beginning of a new, greener chapter in the region's energy history. The absence of a low-carbon path in Martinique's past need not doom its future—it can also serve as the cornerstone of a sustainable energy transformation.

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