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Electricity in Bahrain in 2021

Global Ranking: #179
0.0% #189 Low-carbon electricity
2493.33 watts #3 Generation / person
489.59 gCO2eq/kWh #133 Carbon Intensity

In Bahrain, electricity generation is currently heavily dependent on fossil fuel sources, primarily natural gas. According to the 2021 data, approximately 99% of electricity in Bahrain comes from fossil fuels, with natural gas alone accounting for almost all of it at 99.25%. This overwhelming reliance on these energy sources means that low-carbon energy generation is virtually nonexistent in the country.


To transition towards low-carbon electricity generation, Bahrain could look to other countries for successful strategies and adopt applicable lessons. For instance, countries like France, Slovakia, and Ukraine generate over half of their electricity from nuclear power, demonstrating the high potential of this low-carbon source. Other countries, such as Denmark and Uruguay, derive a significant portion of their electricity from wind energy, which could also be an applicable source for Bahrain, given the favorable wind conditions in certain parts of the country. Some countries, Chile and Australia, for example, have also successfully tapped into solar power, another considerable option for Bahrain given its sunny climate. Therefore, Bahrain could focus on exploiting these low-carbon energy resources – nuclear, wind, and solar, to diversify its energy mix and reduce its carbon footprint.


Historically, the generation of low-carbon electricity in Bahrain, primarily via solar energy, has unfortunately been virtually nonexistent. The data from 2014 onwards show negligible changes in solar electricity generation year after year, indicating that there has been no significant investment or development in this sector over the last seven years. This lack of progress in low-carbon energy generation highlights the need for strategic planning and large-scale initiatives to usher in a cleaner and more sustainable energy future for Bahrain.

Electricity Imports and Exports

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Data Sources

For the years 1980 to 1999 the data source is EIA.
For the years 2000 to 2021 the data source is Ember.
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