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Electricity in St. Pierre & Miquelon in 2021

Global Ranking: #89
0.0% #200 Low-carbon electricity
966.60 watts #25 Generation / person
655.00 gCO2eq/kWh #197 Carbon Intensity
None Electricity imports

St. Pierre & Miquelon's electricity consumption in 2021 was derived entirely from fossil fuels. This means that, sadly, there was no contribution at all from cleaner, low-carbon energy sources such as nuclear, wind, or solar power. The territory operates on a standalone energy system, meaning it does not import or export electricity from other countries or regions. Given the island's relatively small size and its isolation, it can be assumed that it relied heavily on fossil fuel resources, most likely because they provide a stable and reliable source of power.


Emulating the energy strategies of successful countries could significantly increase the proportion of low-carbon electricity generation in St. Pierre & Miquelon. For instance, harnessing wind power like Denmark, who generate more than half of their electricity this way, could be a feasible solution, given the island's coastal location and potentially strong wind resources. Additionally, the island could take a leaf out of the book of France, where almost two-thirds of the electricity is generated by nuclear energy. Nuclear power, considering its capacity to produce large amounts of consistent electricity without emitting greenhouse gases, could be an advantageous option, especially during periods of low wind or insufficient sunlight.


Unfortunately, the data provided does not include any historical details regarding low-carbon electricity production in St. Pierre & Miquelon. It can only be hoped that the island will foster a strong commitment to clean, low-carbon electricity sources in the future, as a significant shift towards such energy sources is vital for mitigating climate change. Moreover, the health of the local population and the preservation of the area's stunning natural beauty hinge on the reduction in air pollution that would result from a decrease in fossil fuel consumption.

Data Sources

The data source is Ember.