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Electricity in Montserrat in 2021

Global Ranking: #192
0.0% #192 Low-carbon electricity
257.22 watts #117 Generation / person
655.00 gCO2eq/kWh #203 Carbon Intensity

Based on the data provided, Montserrat’s current electricity consumption is significantly below the global average of 410 watts per person. The island country primarily relies on fossil fuels for its energy supply, which contributes to climate change through greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, the small scale of the electricity generation results in less reliable service, which can negatively influence the local economy and quality of life.


To increase its low-carbon electricity generation, Montserrat could draw inspiration from various countries. For instance, Spain and Brazil have successfully harnessed wind power, generating 61 TWh and 94 TWh respectively. These countries have similar climates to Montserrat, indicating potential for wind energy on the island. Additionally, Montserrat could learn from countries like Japan, which generated a substantial 99 TWh from solar energy. Given Montserrat's tropical climate, solar power could be a feasible and efficient energy source. As solar and wind technologies continue to advance, they possess a viable, low-carbon solution for Montserrat’s electricity needs.


Data on Montserrat's historical low-carbon electricity generation was not provided, thus it is not possible to accurately describe the history of low-carbon electricity in Montserrat. To add, potential significant declines in nuclear power generation could not be assessed. However, focusing on the progress made in other countries could help shape a greener, more sustainable future for Montserrat, prioritizing a mix of nuclear, wind, and solar energy sources.

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The the data source is Ember.
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