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Electricity in Montserrat in 2021

Global Ranking: #140
0.0% #196 Low-carbon electricity
257.22 watts #118 Generation / person
655.00 gCO2eq/kWh #203 Carbon Intensity
None Electricity imports

In review of the available data for the year 2021, Montserrat's electricity consumption stands at approximately 257 watts per person, all of which is generated from fossil sources. This consumption level falls notably below the global average of 412 watts per person. It is worthy to note, Montserrat did not import or export electricity from or to any other countries or regions. This relatively low level of electricity consumption could have implications such as reduced industrial activity, lower economic growth levels, and limited access to technology and modern conveniences. It's also worth noting that Montserrat has been heavily dependent on fossil energy, which is not a sustainable or environmentally friendly option.


Montserrat's approach to electricity generation could benefit by following countries with successful clean and efficient electricity generation systems. One such path could be to explore nuclear energy like Sweden and France, which record energy generation rates of over 500 watts per person. Alternatively, it can look towards power generation using wind sources. Denmark and Sweden boast notable success with wind electricity, generating approximately 370 and 360 watts per person respectively. If Montserrat were to take a leaf out of their books, this could greatly enhance their electricity generation potentials. However, these suggestions would have to be implemented in ways that take into consideration the unique characteristics of Montserrat, its environment and infrastructure.


It is vital to note however that there seems to be currently unavailable data regarding the history of low-carbon electricity in Montserrat. As such, it could be difficult to trace the trajectory of low-carbon electricity in the region. A thorough investigation would be required to understand why such data is missing and to possibly fill in this gap. Longer term, it would be crucial to maintain accurate records of electricity generation and utilization as this can play a critical role in strategizing and implementing sustainable and clean electricity policies in Montserrat.

Data Sources

The data source is Ember.