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Electricity in Guam in 2021

Global Ranking: #60
4.4% #169 Low-carbon electricity
1218.22 watts #15 Generation / person
628.19 gCO2eq/kWh #183 Carbon Intensity
None Electricity imports

In 2021, the electricity consumption in Guam was dominated by fossil energy, constituting 96% of the total, while low-carbon energy, specifically solar energy, supplied a mere 4% of the total power. This single source of low-carbon electricity indicated only a minor shift towards cleaner energy production. Furthermore, Guam did not engage in either importing or exporting electric energy with other countries or regions, remaining energy independent with regard to electricity supply.


Despite its small current contribution, it seems plausible that Guam could significantly increase its low-carbon electricity production, learning from the success of other countries. A distinct pattern emerges when looking at countries like France, Ukraine, and Slovakia, who generate 61%, 58%, and 57% of their electricity respectively from nuclear energy - a low-carbon source. Yet, considering Guam's geographical features, connectivity and population size, Denmark's and Ireland's successful utilization of wind energy may be a viable source for future exploration. Both countries generate more than a third of their electricity using wind power. Given Guam's tropical climate and exposure to regular trade winds, wind energy might be a highly accessible and efficient low-carbon energy source.


The history of low-carbon electricity in Guam is relatively young and static. From 2015 to 2021, the data shows no change in the total electricity generated from low-carbon sources. More specifically, this period remained characterized by an exclusive reliance on solar energy as the sole low-carbon source, contributing a constant 4% to the total electricity generation. Acknowledging this stagnant growth trajectory though, doubling down on wind energy expansion moving forward could potentially inject new energy into Guam's low-carbon electricity story, making it far more dynamic.

Data Sources

The data source is Ember.