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Electricity in Guam in 2022

Global Ranking: #129
5.1% #168 Low-carbon electricity
1171.37 watts #17 Generation / person
623.63 gCO2eq/kWh #185 Carbon Intensity

In 2022, the electricity consumption in Guam was overwhelmingly reliant on fossil fuels, which made up about 95% of the total electricity mix. This leaves a very small fraction, a little more than 5%, coming from low-carbon sources, specifically solar energy. The heavy dependence on fossil fuels poses significant environmental challenges, including contributing to climate change and air pollution. The presence of low-carbon energy is notably minimal, making it clear that Guam has substantial room for expanding its clean energy efforts.


To increase low-carbon electricity generation, Guam could look at successful strategies employed by other countries. Regions like Denmark and Uruguay have achieved significant proportions of their electricity from wind power, with Denmark generating more than half and Uruguay nearly 35%. These examples illustrate the potential of wind energy, which is abundant and sustainable. In terms of nuclear energy, countries like France and Slovakia generate more than half their electricity through nuclear power, showcasing that nuclear energy can provide a reliable and large-scale low-carbon option. Guam could implement policies to incentivize the development of both nuclear and wind power, learning from these nations' experiences to transition towards a greener electricity mix.


Guam's history of low-carbon electricity generation has shown no developments in the past years. From 2015 to 2022, the contribution of solar energy to the electricity grid remained stagnant, with no increase in electricity generation each year. This indicates that while there was potential and perhaps some level of initial investment in solar technology, there were no significant expansions or improvements made to increase the generation capacity. This underscores the urgent need for proactive policy planning and investment in low-carbon technologies to ensure that Guam can enhance its sustainable energy footprint in the future.

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