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Electricity in Dominica in 2022

Global Ranking: #128
23.5% #120 Low-carbon electricity
56.58 % #18 Electrification
267.91 watts #115 Generation / person
506.53 gCO2eq/kWh #143 Carbon Intensity

In 2022, Dominica's electricity generation predominantly came from fossil fuels, with over 90% of its electricity generated from oil. Low-carbon or clean energy sources contributed close to none to the total electricity generation, a stark contrast to the reliance on fossil fuels. The electricity consumption rate in Dominica is substantially lower than the global average, clocking in at approximately 100 watts per person, well below the global figure of 432 watts per person. Such low levels of electricity generation can limit economic growth, impede technological advancement, and restrict improvements in the quality of life for its residents.


To increase low-carbon electricity generation, Dominica could draw lessons from successful clean energy implementations observed in other countries. Wind and solar energy have shown remarkable increases in countries like Brazil and India, which are both developing nations with similar growth challenges. Brazil, for example, generated 96 TWh from wind, demonstrating the feasibility of large-scale wind energy projects in a developing context. Similarly, India's substantial investments in solar energy brought its generation to 113 TWh. Leveraging the abundant sunlight in the Caribbean, Dominica can significantly benefit from developing solar energy capacity. Additionally, small nuclear reactors could offer a stable, sustainable option for base-load power in Dominica, learning from more advanced economies like France and the United States where nuclear energy has been a reliable, low-carbon electricity source for decades.


Historically, Dominica has primarily relied on hydroelectric power, which has remained consistent without growth or decline from 2001 to 2020. For almost two decades, hydropower generation has neither increased nor decreased, indicating a stagnation in efforts to expand or diversify clean energy sources. This period of stagnation highlights the need for new initiatives to boost the share of sustainable, low-carbon energy in Dominica's electricity mix. By breaking out of this prolonged stasis and investing in newer technologies like wind, solar, and nuclear, Dominica has the potential to transform its electricity generation landscape and align more closely with global clean energy trends.

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