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Electricity in Dominica in 2021

Global Ranking: #93
23.5% #120 Low-carbon electricity
267.91 watts #115 Generation / person
506.53 gCO2eq/kWh #143 Carbon Intensity

In the year 2021, Dominica's consumption of electricity was relatively low compared to the global average of 410 watts per person. The exact amount of electricity used was not provided, however, indications are strong that this amount was far below average. Dominica's electricity generation mainly comes from fossil fuels with low to zero amounts coming from low-carbon energy sources such as nuclear, solar, and wind. A low level of electricity generation might be leading to economic constraints, as many sectors depend on energy for productivity. Lower living standards could also be a side effect, as access to modern services powered by electricity is limited.


To increase low-carbon electricity generation, Dominica could emulate countries that have made significant strides in this area. Examining the data from various countries, regions utilizing a blend of nuclear, wind, and solar energy have been particularly successful in generating low-carbon electricity. For instance, the United States and People's Republic of China generate a significant amount of electricity from nuclear and wind. Brazil also showcases potential in wind energy. Dominica, also being a tropical country like Brazil, could harness its wind and solar potential more efficiently while exploring the possibilities for nuclear power.


The history of low-carbon electricity in Dominica has been stagnant for the past two decades. Since 2001, the data indicates no changes in hydroelectric power generation, the only recorded form of low-carbon energy. This consistence might suggest an over-reliance on a single source of clean energy, which has demonstrated no growth or expansion. In light of this, there is a profound need to diversify into other clean and sustainable energy sources like nuclear, wind, and solar to increase the generation of low-carbon electricity.

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