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Electricity in British Virgin Islands in 2022

Global Ranking: #207
0.0% #207 Low-carbon electricity
623.10 watts #60 Generation / person
655.00 gCO2eq/kWh #196 Carbon Intensity

As of 2022, the British Virgin Islands rely entirely on fossil fuels for their electricity supply, with 100% of their electricity generation coming from non-renewable sources. This means there is no current use of low-carbon or clean energy sources like nuclear, wind, or solar in their electricity mix. The territory's complete dependence on fossil fuels not only raises environmental concerns, such as climate change and air pollution, but also exposes it to the volatility of global oil prices and supply disruptions.


To transition towards cleaner electricity generation, the British Virgin Islands can take inspiration from various successful countries. For instance, Denmark generates over half of its electricity from wind, showing that a small, progressive country with a commitment to clean energy can achieve substantial results. Similarly, Uruguay derives almost a third of its electricity from wind, suggesting that even smaller economies can effectively harness low-carbon technologies. Nuclear energy also provides a robust path to low-carbon generation, as evidenced by France, where more than 60% of electricity comes from nuclear plants. Adopting a combination of these strategies—expanding wind power and considering the construction of small, safe nuclear reactors—could significantly reduce the territory's reliance on fossil fuels.


Historically, the British Virgin Islands have not seen any significant developments in low-carbon electricity generation, according to the provided data. This absence of action in the domain of cleaner energy sources throughout past decades highlights an urgent need for policy reform and investment in green technologies. Moving forward, the British Virgin Islands should prioritize integrating nuclear, wind, and solar projects to establish a more diverse and sustainable electricity grid, ensuring cleaner air and a more stable energy future.

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