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Electricity in American Samoa in 2022

Global Ranking: #146
5.6% #167 Low-carbon electricity
456.05 watts #83 Generation / person
621.11 gCO2eq/kWh #183 Carbon Intensity

As of 2022, the state of electricity consumption in American Samoa is heavily reliant on fossil fuels. Fossil energy sources make up about 94% of the total electricity generation in the region. This dominant reliance on fossil fuels contributes to significant concerns about climate change and air pollution. On the other hand, low-carbon energy sources contribute a minor portion, with solar power accounting for just over 5% of the electricity generation. This modest share emphasizes the need for expanding clean energy projects if American Samoa aims to reduce its carbon footprint and move towards sustainable electricity generation.


To increase low-carbon electricity generation, American Samoa can draw valuable lessons from other countries that have successfully implemented various green energy technologies. Denmark stands out with more than half of its electricity generated from wind power, showcasing the potential for wind energy. Similarly, Uruguay generates 35% of its electricity from wind, indicating that even relatively small countries can achieve substantial wind energy outputs. Looking at solar, both Yemen and Chile demonstrate the high potential with around 20% of their electricity coming from solar energy. Emulating these successful models by investing in wind and solar infrastructure could significantly boost the low-carbon electricity generation in American Samoa. Additionally, while American Samoa may not have the potential for nuclear power at the same scale as countries like France or Slovakia, investigating smaller-scale, modern nuclear technologies can also offer reliable and consistent low-carbon electricity.


The history of low-carbon electricity generation in American Samoa has seen limited development. In 2022, solar energy saw a change of 0 TWh compared to the previous year, indicating stagnation in growth. This lack of significant development highlights the need for strategic planning and investment to kickstart and sustain progress in low-carbon electricity generation. By learning from the countries that have achieved success in wind, solar, and even nuclear energy, American Samoa can carve a path towards a greener and more sustainable future.

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