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The percentage of electricity that is generated domestically from low-carbon sources。



No, due to its relatively high lifecycle emissions, 燃煤 is considered to be a high-carbon energy source.

燃煤对生命周期排放的预估中值为820 gCO2eq / kWh。 这基于IPCC的Technology-specific Cost and Performance Parameters报告。

风力11 gCO2eq / kWh低碳
核能12 gCO2eq / kWh低碳
水力24 gCO2eq / kWh低碳
地热能38 gCO2eq / kWh低碳
太阳能45 gCO2eq / kWh低碳
生物燃料230 gCO2eq / kWh低碳
天然气490 gCO2eq / kWh高炭/ 化石燃料
石油650 gCO2eq / kWh高炭/ 化石燃料
燃煤820 gCO2eq / kWh高炭/ 化石燃料


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